Two Carat Diamonds

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2 carat Diamond Rings can be an attractive gift for both men and women. But not all 2 carat diamond rings will look alike in shape, size and color. There are bounds to the variations depending on the quality, color and size of the diamonds, with the constant of weight, which will remain two carats all along.

A two CT diamond fills the gap between the most readily available 1 carat and the rarely available 3 carat diamonds. Their price is also correspondingly more than the former, and less than the latter. The cut of these diamonds will determine how large and sparkling they will appear.

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What is Two Carat Diamonds?

A carat is the unit of measurement used for weighing diamonds. The most commonly used diamonds are available as 1 carat, 2 carat and 3 carat diamonds. Talking about two carat diamonds, these weigh the equivalent of 400 milligrams or 2/5th of a gram.

These diamonds lay mid-way between the 1 carat and 3 carat diamonds, and the reason why they have become significantly popular across the globe. Not too easily found, and neither are they rare, which makes them a good choice to suit your budget and yet not look too ordinary and common. According to a recent survey, 5% of all rings sold in US are the two karat rings.

One cannot correlate the weight and the size of a diamond, and not all two carat rings are going to look the same, have the same dimensions and shape. Yes, it will definitely appear larger than a 1.98 carat, subject to certain other factors like light reflection and clarity, etc.

If you are strictly looking for the size of a diamond, then it is better to measure the distance across the top of a diamond and gets an idea about how large it will appear from the top. If the 2 CT has a better cut grade and high light returning value, it will definitely appear bigger than its original size.

2 Carat Diamonds Ring Price

Diamond prices keep fluctuating throughout the year and there are no specific limits to this fluctuation. If saving money is your objective, a good technique will be purchasing slightly below the 2 carat mark. For example, if instead of purchasing exact 2 carat, you buy 1.99 carat or below, you can save at least 7 to 8 % on your total expenditure, without really compromising on the quality or size.

2 Carat Diamonds- The Most Versatile to Use

Although the size of the diamond and its weight have little correlation, two karat diamonds, can still be put to more versatile uses than other weights of diamonds. For example, 2 carat can look brilliant with round cut. They can also be given a princess, marquise, asscher, and pear cut. If big enough, 2 CT can also be given different personalized shapes such as heart, dolphins, stars, and other complicated shapes as well.

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