3 Carat Diamond

 Micro Pave Diamond Engagement Rings Expressing true love and long lasting commitment requires you to have a special gift that will remain forever. This why many couples like exchanging diamond rings to mark the beginning of an eternal journey they're about to vow to. And, when we say Diamond Rings, again there is a lot you need to know about them. Simply having a ring doesn't make it precious.

It has to have the right weight, durability and sparkle, which is defined by a number of parameters such as its weight, quality and cut. So, here's for you a guide on 3 carat diamond.

What is a 3 CT Diamond?

A carat is a standard unit of measuring the weight and the size of a diamond. This brings us to the question of what is a 3 carat diamond- it measure equivalent to 600 milligrams or 3/10 of a gram.

Three carat diamonds are not the most common types of diamonds, and far beyond the one carat in terms of size, price as well as rarity. This makes them luxurious as well as more valued than any other diamonds.

Although in the beginning we stated that a carat defines the size as well the weight of a diamond, it is important to keep in mind that they are not always correlated. For example, it is not always necessary that a 3 carat will be much bigger than a 2 carat and so on. There are many factors that play a role in defining the dimensions of the diamonds.

If it is size that is more important to you, the better option will be to measure the distance across the tops of the diamond and gain an idea about how it will appear from the top. Mysteriously, the size of diamonds can be enhanced. If they are of a better cut, and have a higher rate of light returning, they will appear bigger than their usual size.

3 Carat Diamond Price

The price of diamonds keeps fluctuating throughout the year and the markets are usually not steady. Similar is the case with the cost of 3 carat. Moreover, being rare, these don't come too easy on the pocket and can cost anything beginning from $15,000 and goes higher, depending on the color, cut and clarity.

Three Carat– a Mark of Luxury

3 CT diamonds are a luxury to possess and they are used for making some of the finest pieces of jewelry. They exhibit the finest cut, color and clarity. This is the reason why they appear strikingly impressive, and make perfect stones for all kinds of high end jewelry, including the engagement rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

At Kobe Mark Diamonds, we bring you an exclusive range of 3 CT diamond jewelry including, 3 Karat engagement rings, bracelet white gold, necklaces, studs and many other jewelry pieces in exquisite designs, style and shapes.

So, if it is rare and precious jewelry you're looking for, and have the extra bucks to make it special for your beloved, chose nothing less than a 3 carat diamond ring. It's the perfect gift that expresses the promise of the eternal love, you wish to vow for.

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