Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamonds is the oldest diamond shape having first appeared during the 1800s. Also known as pillow cut, this shape derives its name from the distinctive round shape it has. The shape had initially become popular because it was the closest possible substitute for a round cut, with the technology that was available back at the time of its inception.

Squares and rectangular cuts were easy to crack, while a round cut was difficult to obtain without damaging the edges. With technological progress, this problem was solved and thus was born a diamond, cut with rounded edges, which not only made the diamond appear prettier, but also more durable.

What is a Cushion Cut Diamonds?

A classic diamond shape, which is considered by many to be vintage, Cushion cut, is known for its rounded corners and large facets. The shape most commonly comes in rectangular shape or as a square. Its large facets highlight its clarity and for finding its dimensions, one has to look at its length to width ratio. This ratio will determine the diamonds outline, or how it will appear from the top.

If you want the best from a cushion diamond cut look for a length to width ratio between 1 and 1.05 for a square; and a length to width ratio greater than 1.15 for a square cushion cut diamond.

Since designs have now been re-defined under the genre, you can chose to have cushion cut rings, which are traditional, antique, modern and mix of these designs. At Kobe Mark Diamonds, we bring you a versatile collection of multiple variations in the cut to suit the personal preferences of all our customers.

As already mentioned the brilliance of this cut depends on facets it has. The larger the facets the better the light reflected, and the brighter it will sparkle. Larger facets will create broader flashes of fire, while smaller facets will give it the appearance of crushed ice with a dull shimmer.

Cushion Cut Diamonds Jewelry a Vintage/Antique Experience

Images of cushion cut diamond rings clearly make them appear as the more antique or vintage style rings, which were more peculiar to the queens and royalties of the times gone by, and truly so. Therefore, if your beloved has a taste for vintage and timeless elegance, the best gift you can present to them is a cushion cut jewelry.

Being a reliable and authentic retailer of diamonds, we bring a large variety of cushion cut diamonds. You can now order cushion cut loose diamonds, earrings, cushion cut engagement rings, and more for celebrating special events of life that need to complemented with gifts as precious and valuable as the events are.

These come in singular shapes because of which they feature in the category of rare jewels. Cushion cut diamond ring prices also vary widely across segments. For example, high quality cushion cut jewelry will cost considerably more than common cuts such as round, emerald, etc. Also, for every piece of jewelry, there has to be unique and customized frame and settings to hold the singular shapes of the diamonds, which further adds to its cost.

Ideal Cushion Cut Diamonds

Having said that cushion cut diamond jewelry, including different cushion cut diamond ring settings carry a somewhat premium price because of their rarity and their special status among diamonds, it is also important to remember that apart from these two, there are other facets as well, which help in discerning its value.

To begin with, cushion cut diamonds are not very well designed to optimize sparkle when compared with the modern shapes like round cut or emerald, or princess cut. Therefore always look for cut ratings that state very good; color grades should usually be G-I and clarity grades of VS1-2 or above. If you still have confusion about the quality and selection of such jewelry, don't hesitate to call us at (886)886-9920 or email us at