Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamonds come from the precious jewelry box of Henry Gross bard of the Radiant Cut Diamond Company. He first created this marvelous design in 1977. The concept behind the diamond design was to incorporate the brilliance of the traditional round cut, but with a new look and feel. Thus was born, the radiant cut diamond, which had a modern shape, a mix of the Emerald and Accsher cut diamonds.

Even years after the design first hit the markets, it still retains the same old charm and features among the most popular diamond cuts ever. Brining you the same, we at Kobe Mark Diamonds offer you an exquisite range of radiant cut diamonds, lose as well as studded beautifully in different types of jewelry. You can now buy sparkle cut diamond engagement rings, radiant cut diamond with a halo; 2 carat brilliant cut rings, and much more.

What is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

A radiant cut diamond has a mixed cut, which means that it combines the elements of different cuts of diamonds. A brilliant cut in particular is a mix of step cut and round cut. While step cut mostly comprises of the emerald and accsher shape with longer facets, round cut obviously has rounder and smaller facets.

This type of cut is more inclined towards the round cut, with round and comparatively shorter facets. This gives the cut the same sort of brilliance and shine that makes a round cut so popular.

Ideally, a radiant cut should feature anything around 70 small facets. This, when viewed from the top, appears highly radiant. Also, when looked from the top, you will find a diagonal cross pattern, which distinguishes it from all the other patterns similar to it. Most of the brilliant cut diamonds found on rings and other jewelry are slightly rectangular, with length width ratio of as high as 1.2. But, you can also find square radiant cut with all equal sides or in the shape of a square.

To be more specific, when looking for a striking square diamond, look for a length to width ratio between 1 and 1.05. And, in case, it is rectangular as stated above, anything beyond 1.2 would be good enough.

What also makes the brilliant cut preferable over other mixed cut diamonds is how effectively they combine the angular elegance brilliance of the step cut, with a sparkling appearance of the round cut. If we look at radiant cut vs princess cut the difference become apparent in the form corners in the two cuts. While the former has cropped corners, the latter is more akin to step cuts like emeralds.

Radiant Cut Diamonds- Uniquely Beautiful

Among all the different types of mixed cut diamonds, the radiant cut diamonds are the most uniquely beautiful. When viewed from the front, one can distinctly see a diagonal cross pattern in between the fiery areas of the diamond. This makes the radiant truly eye catching and ideal for being used as a centerpiece in most jewelry items.

These are popularly placed as the center stones in jewelry including, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Nonetheless, a radiant cut looks the best in radiant cut diamond engagement rings. The use of a radiant cut diamond with a halo achieves a dramatic and spectacular effect. And even when it manages to stand out quiet beautifully on its own, many people like accenting it with small elongated stones on either side.

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