5.1 Carat CLASSIC DIAMOND BAR SET Tennis Bracelet 14K White or Yellow Gold

This beautiful three strand tennis bracelet is available in 14K, 18K, and Platinum and

is avaliable in five cart weight size options. Please call for pricing.

2 CTW:   2.0mm 50 Dia.x.04=2.00 ct. 10.7 Gr. 

2.5 CTW: 2.5mm 47 Dia.x.055=2.59 ct. 12.8 Gr.

4 CTW:  3.0mm 41 Dia.x.10=4.10 ct. 14.8 Gr.

5.1 CTW:  3.5mm 36 Dia.x.14=5.10 ct. 17.1 Gr


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$5,550.00 tax excl.

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